Essential Health Project (EHP)

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964,038 USD
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645,862 USD
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Unallocated Disbursements:
318,177 USD
538,403 USD USD
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Essential Health Project (EHP) VALIDATED

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Status:  On-Going
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  • Improved service quality (NTDs and MNH) from local health facilities and hospitals
  • Coordination and regular exchange between Federal - Province – Municipalities – and other stakeholders facilitated and supported
  • Advocacy carried out to ensure accountability and functionalisation of the role and responsibilities of health staff and municipal health units
  • Health planning and resource allocation skills of the municipality team strengthened
  • HFOMC capacity strengthened and activated according to new structure, role and responsibilities
  • Supportive supervision (coaching and mentoring ) system promoted and strengthened at municipality in collaboration with provincial health office
  • HMIS strengthened at health facilities and municipalities to support proper recording and reporting system and data use for planning and action according to evidence
  • Essential supply management system (planning and distribution) strengthened at municipal level
  • Enhanced knowledge and skills of health workers at health facilities and municipalities
  • Knowledge and skills of FCHVs upgraded to motivate mothers (other FCHVs and communities) and foster their empowerment
  • Basic infrastructure and equipment needs of health facilities identified and supported according to national standards through pro-active involvement of HFOMC and municipality
  • Communities’ health issues related to NTDs and disability supported through various activities
  • Health seeking behavior and practices improved in targeted communities by using multi-sectoral approach
  • Regular monitoring and evaluation of project activities and its overall performance

  • At least 80% of the targeted 64 health facilities with quality assurance measures in place and functional;
  • Service data are entered correctly and monthly reports are prepared and sent timely.
  • 64 HFOMCs effectively managing Health Facilities (regular meetings, adequate resource allocation, adequate stocks of essential drugs & vaccines)


  • At least 80% of health workers from targeted Health Facilities are able to deliver MNH & NTDs related essential services as per the national standard and guidelines


  • 20 additional health facilities have capacity to provide childbirth and new-born care services.
  • 50 new PHC/ ORCs are able to screen suspected NTD cases and refer for diagnosis and treatment.


  • At least 75% of households sensitised on preventive measures and utilization of health services
  • 60% of households (baseline cohort group) in targeted areas of project municipalities with positive change in health behaviour
  • Patients/client visit in targeted health facilities increased as follows:
    • 4 ANC visit by 25% as per protocol
    • Institutional Delivery by 30%
    • 3rd PNC visit by 15%
    • Use of modern method of Family planning by 15%
    • Out-patient visit of symptomatic NTD cases increased by 50%.
  • Project field office established, skilled human resource hired and mobilized to implement project
  • No. of interventions with standardized guidelines practiced
  • No. of project staffs trained to run the project smoothly
  • Health Facilities, Municipalities & provincial level Health authorities and other stakeholders are enabled to analyze the health system gaps and develop solutions



Budget Type:
Off Budget

Treasury Type:

Humanitarian Aid: No


Date of Agreement:  02-03-2020
Date of effectiveness: 
Proposed Start Date: 
Actual Start Date:  01-01-2019
Planned Completion Date:  12-31-2022
[NEPAL] 100.0%



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National Plan
[National Development Plan (NDP)]   [Social Development Policy]   [Health and Nutrition] 100.0%

Nepal Sector Classification - HEALTH (100.0)%

Implementing/Executing Agencies

Donor Organization: 

Counterpart Ministry : 
  • Ministry of Health 100.0 %

Executing Agency: 
  • FAIRMED 100.0 %

Implementing Agency: 
  • NGOs 100.0 %
Transaction Type Transaction Date Type Of Assistance Mode Of Payment Post Earthquake Assistance Aid Type Financing Instrument Amount
Actual Commitment 02-26-2020 Grant Aid Direct Payment No NORMAL CASE Project Support 946,523 USD
Actual Commitment 07-15-2021 Grant Aid Direct Payment No NORMAL CASE Project Support 17,516 USD
Sub Total Actual Commitment: 964,038 USD
Sub Total Planned Commitment: 0 USD
Actual Disbursement 02-28-2020 Grant Aid Direct Payment No NORMAL CASE Project Support 237,064 USD
Actual Disbursement 06-30-2020 Grant Aid Direct Payment No NORMAL CASE Project Support 132,064 USD
Actual Disbursement 12-31-2020 Grant Aid Direct Payment No NORMAL CASE Project Support 117,760 USD
Actual Disbursement 06-30-2021 Grant Aid Direct Payment No NORMAL CASE Project Support 158,974 USD
Sub Total Actual Disbursement: 645,862 USD
Sub Total Planned Disbursement: 0 USD
Expenditure 06-30-2020 Grant Aid Direct Payment No NORMAL CASE Project Support 295,728 USD
Expenditure 12-31-2020 Grant Aid Direct Payment No NORMAL CASE Project Support 140,995 USD
Expenditure 06-30-2021 Grant Aid Direct Payment No NORMAL CASE Project Support 101,679 USD
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