Building Hope Along the Karnali River Basin (BHAKARI)

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15,000,000 USD
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3,750,000 USD
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Unallocated Disbursements:
11,250,000 USD
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Mercy Corps -Team
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Building Hope Along the Karnali River Basin (BHAKARI) VALIDATED

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Directly Supportive

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Status:  On-Going
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Bhakari seeks to reach 22,350 households (117,750  people) in the six districts of Karnlai and Sudurpaschim province directly. This will be accomplished through three purposes: 

  1. increase household level food  access and availability.                     Key activities include; 
  • Forging partnerships with government and private actors to  improve access to input and output markets including linkages to agrovets, collection centers,  traders and information exchange platforms,
  • Vouchers for agricultural inputs and/ or small  livestock, and
  • Training and support for climate-smart perma-gardens.

2. improve access to sustainable water sources for productive purposes. Key activities inlcude;

  • Sustainable water infrastructure interventions focusing on  installation, management and maintenance of productive water projects, including multiple use water  systems, rainwater harvesting, irrigation storage and delivery systems,
  • Strengthening capacity for  functional, equitable and sustainable water management practices, and
  • 220+ Hardware Water  Projects. Productive Use Water Projects are a complementary activity designed to improve the food  security of communities.

3. reduce the impacts of natural disasters, with a cross-cutting purpose on increasing inclusion and  empowerment for marginalized groups. 

Key interventions will include 

  • Formation and mobilization of community first responder/  task force members
  • Risk assessment and planning, watershed level assessment and planning,  etc.,
  • Disaster risk mitigating structure, bio-engineering and fodder plantation, and (4)  Partnership with the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology (DHM) to strengthen early  warning and weather information systems.

Other activities include;

  • Value-based food assistance, meeting 100% of macronutrient  requirements for one month plus other basic needs
  • Cash for work
  • Value-based  vouchers (for labor-poor households only), and Government Capacity Building in order to  better manage local emergency response and disaster funds.

Program activities will adhere to a Gender and Social  Inclusion (GESI) First approach.



Key Outputs are;

  • Famers receiving training on improved agriculture practices and technologies such as climate smart ag, perma gardens  etc.
  • Households receiving agriculture input vouchers
  • Number of water infrastructures rehabilitated/developed for the productive purpose
  • Capacity development of water management committees and water user groups
  • Households receiving cash through cash for work and unconditional cash transfers/value based vouchers after shocks or disasters
  • Community members receiving training on first aid, search and rescue and other disaster preparedness and mitigation trainings
  • Households receiving cash through cash for work and value based vouchers


Key Outcomes are; 

Purpose 1.

(1) Increased access and availability to nutritious foods,  (2) Increased income, (3) Increased agricultural production, and (4) Improved vulnerable smallholder  farmers' knowledge, skills and practice to apply climate-smart, nutrition-sensitive and risk-reducing  production practices.


(1) Increased availability of reliable water resources, (2)  Improved water systems and management (3) Improved watersheds, and (4) Improved landscape.

Purpose 3.

(1) Strengthened disaster management capacities and  systems, (2) Increased information on anticipated shocks, and (3) Vulnerable household engagement in  participatory disaster planning.

Risk Management

The activity will result in two outcomes: (1) Increased ability of affected households to meet immediate  dietary requirements, and (2) Increased ability of affected households to adopt better coping strategies.


The overall goal of Bhakari is that the emergency  food needs of vulnerable and socially excluded households in the KRB are met while simultaneously  building food security and resilience for the future. Bhakari’s core purposes are weaved together to  ensure that the most vulnerable households in the KRB are able to prepare for anticipated shocks and  stresses, cope during emergencies, and recover, supported by a functional enabling environment.

Budget Type:
Off Budget

Treasury Type:

Humanitarian Aid: Yes


Date of Agreement:  09-30-2020
Date of effectiveness:  10-01-2020
Proposed Start Date:  10-01-2020
Actual Start Date:  10-01-2020
Planned Completion Date:  09-30-2023
[Sudurpashchim Pradesh] 17.0%

[Karnali Pradesh] 83.0%



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National Plan
[National Development Plan (NDP)]   [Macroeconomic Policy and Economic Development Policy]   [Agriculture and Food Security] 40.0%
[National Development Plan (NDP)]   [Peace, rehabilitation and Inclusive Development]   [Gender Equity, Women Development] 30.0%
[National Development Plan (NDP)]   [Infrastructure Development Policy]   [Environment and Climate Change] 30.0%

Nepal Sector Classification - LOCAL DEVELOPMENT (33.0)%

Nepal Sector Classification - AGRICULTURE (34.0)%

Nepal Sector Classification - MISCELLANEOUS (33.0)%

Implementing/Executing Agencies

Donor Organization: 
  • MercyCorps

Counterpart Ministry : 
  • Ministry of Women, Children and Senior Citizen 100.0 %

Executing Agency: 
  • MercyCorps 100.0 %

Implementing Agency: 
  • Non Governmental Organisations 0.0 %
Transaction Type Transaction Date Type Of Assistance Mode Of Payment Post Earthquake Assistance Aid Type Financing Instrument Amount
Actual Commitment 09-30-2020 Grant Aid Direct Payment No NORMAL CASE Project Support 15,000,000 USD
Sub Total Actual Commitment: 15,000,000 USD
Sub Total Planned Commitment: 0 USD
Actual Disbursement 12-30-2020 Grant Aid Direct Payment No NORMAL CASE Project Support 1,250,000 USD
Actual Disbursement 06-30-2021 Grant Aid Direct Payment No NORMAL CASE Project Support 2,500,000 USD
Sub Total Actual Disbursement: 3,750,000 USD
Sub Total Planned Disbursement: 0 USD
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