Prevent Gender based Violence and Access to Gender Responsive Justice for Sundar Shanta Nepal

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1,435,528 USD
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1,358,112 USD
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77,416 USD
1,358,112 USD USD
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International Alert -Team
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Prevent Gender based Violence and Access to Gender Responsive Justice for Sundar Shanta Nepal VALIDATED

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Directly Supportive

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1.1       Provide hardware Support in collaboration with local government and relevant GBV service providing CSOs/service providers to design and implement issue and need based programming to prevent gender-based violence and promote access to justice services. (The hardware support will be determined in later phase based on need such as GBV services including legal aid require to those come in Judicial Committee)

1.2       Support local led GBV network, CSO and local government stakeholder at province and municipalities level to understand needs and priorities of communities and jointly address GBV.

1.3       Capacity building training for women groups and community members in promoting community collaborations to address GBV.

1.4       In coordination with local government, GBV network, provide immediate support to the GBV victims such as health check-up and treatment, psychosocial support and livelihood support.

2.1 Develop need based, beneficiary led interactive training curricula on roles and responsibilities of Justice and security service providers (JSPs) (Judicial committee, GBV network members) under the new federal system on positive social norms.

2.2 Provide hardware support to JSPs and community to make their service accessible to community people, especially women and marginalized communities.

2.3.Collaborate with Ministry of Women, Children and Senior Citizen, Ministry for Social Development at province, National Human Rights Commission, National Women Commission and local municipalities to design joint pilot program to enhance access to justice services for women and marginalized people and prevent GBV.

2.4 In close collaboration with Province Social Development Ministry, local government stakeholders, GBV networks, JSPs and community people, IEC materials will be developed to provide information on available JSP services and change harmful social norms for more integrated response to GBV. The project will collaborate with relevant ministries to use already developed materials.

2.5 Strengthen referral pathways between JSPs, including one stop crisis management centers, judicial committee, women and children service center and shelter homes.

3.1Support exiting loose networks comprising women community leaders, CSO members and rights defenders at local level to strengthen mutual accountability and improve services.

3.2 Engage with elected/political representatives (women, Dalit and marginalized) and JSPs at provincial level and municipal level in collaborative dialogues.

3.3 Support capacity of media resulting in interactive media programming (radio and TV) and awareness outreach programmes at local and provincial level.

4.1       Development of evidence based knowledge resources on  social norms change and gender responsive justice services etc. for local and provincial CSO members, community people and other relevant stakeholders.

4.2       Provide fellowships to trained local youth researchers and journalists to produce news reports and conduct research on GVB and local governance challenges with mentoring and guidance support.

4.3       Documentation of the stories of women and marginalized voices for responsive justice services and socio-economic development issues


1.       Engagement with local elected representatives (specially women, Dalit and marginalized representatives), CSOs and community leaders on gender justice.

2.       Reduce gender-based violence through intervening harmful social norms and enhancing access to justice of GBV victims supporting One Stop Crisis Management Center, Justice and Security Service Providers (JSPs) and shelter home.

3.       Strengthened interaction and coordination among local government units, CSOs and community leaders to understand and respond constituent needs at local and provincial level.

4.       Generating knowledge and evidences for promoting access to justice services and prevent GBV.





1.      Delivery of gender responsive services by the justice and security service providers.

2. Reduced GBV ratio at community with improved harmful social norms.


Reduced gender-based violence with improved access to justice and services of women and most excluded and marginalized groups, especially women and girls.

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Off Budget

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Humanitarian Aid: No


Date of Agreement:  02-04-2020
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Proposed Start Date:  09-11-2018
Actual Start Date:  09-11-2018
Planned Completion Date:  09-09-2021
[Sudurpashchim Pradesh] [Kailali (Dhangadhi)] 16.0%

[Lumbini] [Bardiya (Gulariya)] 5.0%

[Lumbini] [Banke (Nepalgunj)] 15.0%

[Lumbini] [Dang Deukhuri (Ghorahi)] 5.0%

[Lumbini] [Kapilvastu (Taulihawa)] 8.0%

[Lumbini] [Rupandehi (Bhairahawa)] 8.0%

[Madhesh Pradesh] [Parsa (Birgunj)] 6.0%

[Madhesh Pradesh] [Bara (Kalaiya)] 7.0%

[Madhesh Pradesh] [Dhanusa (Janakpur)] 19.0%

[Madhesh Pradesh] [Siraha (Siraha)] 11.0%



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National Plan
[National Development Plan (NDP)]   [Peace, Rehabilitation and Inclusive Development]   [Gender Equity, Women Development] 100.0%

Nepal Sector Classification - WOMEN, CHILDREN & SOCIAL WELFARE (100.0)%

Implementing/Executing Agencies

Donor Organization: 
  • International Alert

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  • Ministry of Women, Children and Senior Citizen 100.0 %

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  • INGOs 100.0 %

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  • NGOs 100.0 %
International Alert
Transaction Type Transaction Date Type Of Assistance Mode Of Payment Post Earthquake Assistance Aid Type Financing Instrument Amount
Actual Commitment 09-09-2018 Grant Aid Reimbursable No NORMAL CASE Project Support 1,435,528 USD
Sub Total Actual Commitment: 1,435,528 USD
Sub Total Planned Commitment: 0 USD
Actual Disbursement 03-31-2020 Grant Aid Reimbursable No NORMAL CASE Project Support 1,124,713 USD
Actual Disbursement 12-31-2021 Grant Aid Reimbursable No NORMAL CASE Project Support 63,604 USD
Actual Disbursement 12-06-2022 Grant Aid Reimbursable No NORMAL CASE Project Support 169,795 USD
Sub Total Actual Disbursement: 1,358,112 USD
Sub Total Planned Disbursement: 0 USD
Expenditure 03-31-2020 Grant Aid Reimbursable No NORMAL CASE Project Support 1,124,713 USD
Expenditure 12-31-2021 Grant Aid Reimbursable No NORMAL CASE Project Support 63,604 USD
Expenditure 12-06-2022 Grant Aid Reimbursable No NORMAL CASE Project Support 169,795 USD
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