At Risk Children Support Programme

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1,734,784 USD
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Total Actual Disbursements:
1,460,706 USD
Total Planned Disbursements:
Unallocated Disbursements:
274,079 USD
1,082,014 USD USD
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Child Rescue Nepal -Team
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At Risk Children Support Programme VALIDATED

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Status:  On-Going
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"Still in Need"

  1. Provide educational, developmental, recreational and other basic needs to resident children at child care homes, and conduct rescue operation,
  2. Reunify children with their parents and / or kinsmen if it is possible to do so,
  3. Promote independency of youths through education, vocational trainings and other possible supports
  4. Keep vulnerable children safe in school through improvement of basic facilities in schools and other educational supports to needy children, and
  5. Prevent child trafficking through education, awareness and other interventions mobilizing the community people and existing local institutions in the District.


Objective 1

  • Protection, care and development opportunity for 32 children in care home,
  • 6 Trafficked / displaced/ at risk children will be rescued and get new horizon of life,

Objective 2

  • 20 children at care home will be reunified and their family will get supports for education and self-sustaining,

Objective 3

  • 36 youths will be prepared for independent life completing their +2 educaiton and / or vocational / skill training and start job or work and live self-sufficiently,

Objective 4

  • 100 community schools will get supports and equipped and improved shcool environment,
  • 500 children each year supported with annual scholastic bursaries and continue their schooling in community schools,
  • Reduce dropout and maintain good attendance,
  • Effective teaching learning environemnt in schools,

Objective 5

  • Raise awareness in schools and communities
  1. Reached to 3000 students in more than 20 schools
  2. 500 committee members in schools (School Management Committe - SMC)
  • More than 50,000 people in the district will be reached through media and publications and awareness on child trafficking will be raised in the communities.

  • The school environment will be pleasing and child friendly,
  • The rescued children will lead independent life after educaiton or vocational training
  • The trend of child trafficking will be controlled.

  • The project will ensure the educaiton of the at risk children. In so doing, it will contribute for achieving the goals of Educaiton for All (EFA).
  • Community resistence will be developed against child trafficking.

Budget Type:
Off Budget

Treasury Type:

Humanitarian Aid: Yes


Date of Agreement:  12-29-2015
Date of effectiveness:  12-29-2015
Proposed Start Date:  12-29-2015
Actual Start Date:  01-01-2016
Planned Completion Date:  12-31-2020
Extension Date 1:  01-01-2016
[Bagmati] [Lalitpur (Patan)] 50.0%

[ Narayani ] [Makwanpur (Hetauda)] 50.0%



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National Plan
[National Development Plan (NDP)]   [Social Development Policy]   [Children] 100.0%

Nepal Sector Classification - WOMEN, CHILDREN & SOCIAL WELFARE (100.0)%

Implementing/Executing Agencies

Donor Organization: 
  • Child Rescue Nepal

Counterpart Ministry : 
  • Ministry of Education 20.0 %
  • Ministry of Women, Children & Social Welfare 60.0 %
  • Ministry of Labour & Employment and Commerce 20.0 %

Executing Agency: 
  • Child Rescue Nepal 100.0 %

Implementing Agency: 
  • Non Governmental Organisations 100.0 %
Child Rescue Nepal
Transaction Type Transaction Date Type Of Assistance Mode Of Payment Post Earthquake Assistance Aid Type Financing Instrument Amount
Actual Commitment 12-29-2015 Grant Aid Direct Payment No NORMAL CASE Project Support 1,734,784 USD
Sub Total Actual Commitment: 1,734,784 USD
Sub Total Planned Commitment: 0 USD
Actual Disbursement 06-30-2018 Grant Aid Direct Payment No NORMAL CASE Project Support 892,254 USD
Actual Disbursement 12-31-2018 Grant Aid Direct Payment No NORMAL CASE Project Support 189,656 USD
Actual Disbursement 07-31-2019 Grant Aid Direct Payment No NORMAL CASE Project Support 192,852 USD
Actual Disbursement 06-30-2020 Grant Aid Direct Payment No NORMAL CASE Project Support 185,943 USD
Sub Total Actual Disbursement: 1,460,706 USD
Sub Total Planned Disbursement: 0 USD
Expenditure 01-01-2016 Grant Aid Direct Payment No NORMAL CASE Project Support 743,437 USD
Expenditure 07-16-2018 Grant Aid Direct Payment No NORMAL CASE Project Support 338,577 USD
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