Facilitate for access of Women and Children with Disabilities/Impairments to Healthcare and Social Protection

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1,612,887 USD
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1,612,887 USD
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Handicap International Nepal -Team
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Facilitate for access of Women and Children with Disabilities/Impairments to Healthcare and Social Protection VALIDATED

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Directly Supportive

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1.  Train and support health workers, female community health volunteers and physiotherapists on prevention, early detection, treatment and referral of childbearing related impairments and childhood impairments and orient health workers on the health reproductive rights of women with disabilities and support them to disseminate the message to the community

2.  Support the Leprosy Control Division(LCD) and Child Health Division (CHD) to develop and implement procedures for integrated care of impairments in children and women and for revision and roll out of the Childhood Disability Strategy and the guideline on the management of sick and/or disabled children in remote area

3.  Support the Health Information Management System (HIMS) of Health Management Division to include maternal and child disabilities data in recording and reporting Activity 4: Train key education actors on Inclusive education approaches and pedagogy using the updated IE training manual

4.  Conduct KAP survey (baseline and end line) to look at attitudes and beliefs on safe motherhood and the right to safe motherhood for all, including Women with Disabilities

5.  Train mother groups and Female Community Health Workers on Early Child development using the Blue box

6.  Strengthen central, regional and district level coordination with relevant government line agencies

7.  Project launching & planning workshops, lesson learned and study

8.  Train key education actors on Inclusive education approaches and pedagogy using the updated IE training manual

9.  Build capacity of targeted government and private livelihood service providers to adapt their services (i.e. skills development, access to finance) as per the needs of people with disabilities

10.  Support municipalities of project catchments for collecting disability disaggregated data for disability friendly planning

11.  Contribute to integrate Inclusive Education Policy in the School Sector Development Plan

12.  Support for advocacy activities in coordination with  Disability Rights Promotion Section of Ministry of Women, Children and Senior Citizen (MoWCSC) for creating synergy among concerned actors  to respond to the issues of women and children with disabilities

13.  Develop specific Community awareness campaigns to change the attitudes and beliefs of the community with support from DPOs and local partners

14.  Orient Disabled People's Organizations (specifically the National Disabled Women association) on the related policies/strategies and support their organizational development

15.  Support parents and teacher associations and school management committees to better understand and address inclusive education approaches and disability issues in school

16.  Identification of livelihood opportunities of the beneficiaries and training them based on their skills and interest


Output 1: The capacity of the health service providers to promote appropriate health services for children and women with disability is strengthened

Output 2: Improved socio-economic situation of children and women with disability through increased access to social protection and other services by supporting government counterparts, CBOs and DPOs 

Output 3: Municipal level government authorities strengthened their capacities in inclusive health and community disaster preparedness.

Output 4: Communities including vulnerable households strengthened to enhance their resilience towards disaster


Enhanced access of persons with disabilities to social protection services through an inclusive and holistic approach

Increased the resilience of the authorities, health service providers and communities including most vulnerable individuals through inclusive emergency preparedness and through creating an inclusive DRR policy framework


Quality of life of children and women  with impairment/disability improved with provision of social protection services

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Off Budget

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Humanitarian Aid: Yes


Date of Agreement:  01-27-2020
Date of effectiveness:  01-27-2020
Proposed Start Date:  01-27-2020
Actual Start Date:  01-27-2020
Planned Completion Date:  01-26-2025
[Bagmati Pradesh] [Dholkha (Charikot)] 22.0%

[Bagmati Pradesh] [Sindhupalchok (Chautara)] 17.0%

[Bagmati Pradesh] [Rasuwa (Dhunche)] 16.0%

[Bagmati Pradesh] [Nuwakot (Bidur)] 17.0%

[Bagmati Pradesh] [Dhading (Dhading Besi)] 17.0%

[Gandaki Pradesh] [Gorkha (Gorkha)] 11.0%



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National Plan
[National Development Plan (NDP)]   [Social Development Policy]   [Social Protection] 16.0%
[National Development Plan (NDP)]   [Peace, Rehabilitation and Inclusive Development]   [Persons with Disabilities] 16.0%
[National Development Plan (NDP)]   [Social Development Policy]   [Health and Nutrition] 17.0%
[National Development Plan (NDP)]   [Peace, Rehabilitation and Inclusive Development]   [Gender Equity, Women Development] 17.0%
[National Development Plan (NDP)]   [Social Development Policy]   [Education] 17.0%
[National Development Plan (NDP)]   [Social Development Policy]   [Children] 17.0%

Nepal Sector Classification - EDUCATION (16.0)%

Nepal Sector Classification - HEALTH (17.0)%

Nepal Sector Classification - WOMEN, CHILDREN & SOCIAL WELFARE (16.0)%

Nepal Sector Classification - OTHERS - SOCIAL (17.0)%

Nepal Sector Classification - LIVELIHOOD (17.0)%

Nepal Sector Classification - ECONOMIC REFORM (17.0)%

Implementing/Executing Agencies

Donor Organization: 
  • Handicap International

Counterpart Ministry : 
  • Ministry of Health and Population 0.0 %
  • Ministry of Education, Science and Technology 0.0 %

Executing Agency: 
  • Handicap International 100.0 %

Implementing Agency: 
  • Community Development and Environment Conservation Forum 17.0 %
  • Non Governmental Organisations 11.0 %
  • Disabled People Organization 73.0 %
Handicap International
Transaction Type Transaction Date Type Of Assistance Mode Of Payment Post Earthquake Assistance Aid Type Financing Instrument Amount
Actual Commitment 01-27-2020 Grant Aid Cash No NORMAL CASE Program Based Support 1,612,887 USD
Sub Total Actual Commitment: 1,612,887 USD
Sub Total Planned Commitment: 0 USD
Sub Total Actual Disbursement: 0 USD
Sub Total Planned Disbursement: 0 USD
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