Capacity Building Support to Persons with Disabilities and their Organizations of Nepal

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939,372 USD
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543,788 USD
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395,585 USD
542,397 USD USD
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MyRight Nepal -Team
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Capacity Building Support to Persons with Disabilities and their Organizations of Nepal VALIDATED

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Status:  On-Going
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Project Agreement being submitted to Social Welfare Council.

  • Capacity Building
  • Education
  • Awareness
  • Income Generating/Employment
  • Social Protection
  • Training
  • Networking/collaboration
  • Advocacy and Lobby for cross cutting issues, legislation, Media and awarenss

  • Improved communication among deaf people and family members
  • Incresed completence of NDFN on NSL Course development in coordination with concerned government units
  • Enhanced competence among educationrs to provide adpted education for deaf students
  • Improved understanding among decision makers, authorities and provate sector  on deaf people needs and rights
  • Increased networking and management capacity of NDFN
  • Increased possibilities for improved and extended diagnosis and treatment of hemophilia
  • Enhanced knowledge to physiotherapits about hemophilia friendly physiotherapy
  • Strenthen organizational capacity of NHS and its sustainability
  • Incresed understanding among relevant policy/decision makers and general public, PWHS and their families on the issues of hemophilia
  • Increased opportunity to get education and employment for persons with hemophilia and their families
  • Increased understanding of deaf, their families and authorities on the rights and needs of deaf people in Kailali district
  • Improved communication skills through Nepali sign language between deaf person their families and deaf community in Kailali district
  • Improved opportunity of deaf persons of Kailali district to earn their living.
  • Improved opportunities for deaf children of school age in Kailali district to get education in Nepali sign language
  • DAOKs' organizational and advocacy capacity strengthened
  • Improved the interanl capacity of BYAN and its district for the purpose of financial and project managment as well as organizational running skills
  • Increased opportunities for blilnd and prtially sighted youths for employment
  • Enhanced the knoweledge fo decision makers on the needs and rights of BPS youth with particular focus on education and employment
  • Enhanced capacity of parents/siblings/care takers to address needs of PWAs
  • Increased understanding about ASD and special needs regarding educationand social security among policy makers and other decision makers
  • Enhanced competences of health care professional to conduct early detection of ASD
  • Enchanced competence in autism among educational professional in order to increase access to education for PWAs in Kathmandu
  • Strengthened organizational capacity of ACN
  • Increased understanding on inclusive education, the rights and the special needs of CWIDs among the right holders, their families, the local community and local bodies.
  • Enhaned opportunities for quardians of CWIS in the Nuwakot district to improve their economic and social situation
  • Increased understanding among national policy makers about the righs of the CWIDs and the need to improve eduational and social security condition
  • Incrased organizational Capacity of PAPID Nowakot

  • Increased opportunity for deaf students to benefit from education adapted to theri needs and improved job opportunities for the deaf
  • Increased opportunity to raise the living condition of person with hemophilia
  • Increased opportunities for hard of hearing persons in Kathmandu valley to participate more actively in general daily life
  • Incresed awareness /understanding  of hard of hearing persons, their family members and their surroundings on the needs and rights of hard of hearing persons.
  • Improved organizational and advocacy capacity of NAHOH
  • Increased understanding among relevant government authorities on the rights and needs of hard of hearing persons with focus on education and communication
  • Increased possibilities for communication among hard of hearing persons through alternative formf of communication methods
  • Improved educational and economic situation of deaf person in Kailali district
  • Improved capacity of BYAN aiming to promote economic and educational opportunity of Blind and Partially sigheted persons
  • Incresed access to education and social security for the PWAs in Kathmandu
  • Improved opportunity for children with intellectual disabiliteis (CWIDs) to receive education and social security

  • Increased access of deaf people in quality education
  • Incresed cooperation and participation of deaf community in society
  • Incresed socio economic status of deaf community
  • Improved health status of persons with hemophilia
  • Improved participation of persons with hemophilia in social activities
  • Improved living conditions of person wiht hemophilia in the country
  • Increased quality of life of hard of hearing people
  • Enhanced living standard of hard of Hearing people
  • Improved living condition of deaf
  • Higher inclusion of deaf in society
  • Improved quality education for deaf
  • Improved quality of work life and contribution to national economy
  • Inclusive community with equal opportunity
  • Strong and resourcesful blind associaiton, Nepal
  • Empowerign PWA to protect, promote and utilize their rights so that they can have full and effective participation in the society to ensure the good quality of life of PWAs
  • Contribute to improved quality of life and inclusion in all asheres of society for People with IDs and their families

Budget Type:
Off Budget

Treasury Type:

Humanitarian Aid: No


Date of Agreement:  10-19-2015
Date of effectiveness:  10-19-2015
Proposed Start Date:  01-01-2015
Actual Start Date:  01-01-2015
Planned Completion Date:  12-31-2017
[NEPAL] 100.0%



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National Plan

Nepal Sector Classification - WOMEN, CHILDREN & SOCIAL WELFARE (100.0)%

Implementing/Executing Agencies

Donor Organization: 
  • MyRight Nepal

Counterpart Ministry : 
  • Ministry of Women, Children & Social Welfare 100.0 %

Executing Agency: 
  • MyRight Nepal 100.0 %

Implementing Agency: 
  • Disabled People Organization 100.0 %
MyRight Nepal
Transaction Type Transaction Date Type Of Assistance Mode Of Payment Post Earthquake Assistance Aid Type Financing Instrument Amount
Actual Commitment 05-01-2015 Grant Aid Direct Payment No NORMAL CASE Program Based Support 939,372 USD
Sub Total Actual Commitment: 939,372 USD
Sub Total Planned Commitment: 0 USD
Actual Disbursement 06-30-2015 Grant Aid Direct Payment No NORMAL CASE Program Based Support 248,654 USD
Actual Disbursement 12-31-2015 Grant Aid Direct Payment No NORMAL CASE Program Based Support 83,415 USD
Actual Disbursement 06-30-2016 Grant Aid Direct Payment No NORMAL CASE Program Based Support 211,718 USD
Sub Total Actual Disbursement: 543,788 USD
Sub Total Planned Disbursement: 0 USD
Expenditure 06-30-2015 Grant Aid Direct Payment No NORMAL CASE Program Based Support 122,285 USD
Expenditure 12-31-2015 Grant Aid Direct Payment No NORMAL CASE Program Based Support 150,991 USD
Expenditure 06-30-2016 Grant Aid Direct Payment No NORMAL CASE Program Based Support 103,375 USD
Expenditure 12-31-2016 Grant Aid Direct Payment No NORMAL CASE Program Based Support 165,747 USD
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