April 24: Development Cooperation Report

Hon. Finance Minister Mr. Bishnu Prasad Paudel unveiled Development Cooperation Report (DCR) 2014-15 on 24 April 2016 amidst a function organized at the Ministry of Finance. Hon. Minister Mr. Paudel while delivering his remarks opined that the Report has provided very comprehensive aid related information that would benefit all stakeholders including the government agencies, development partners, journalists and the general public. Joint Secretary and Chief of IECCD Mr. Baikuntha Aryal briefly highlighted the importance of the Report before Hon. Finance Minister concluded the launching meeting. 

According to the Report, total volume of aid disbursement for FY 2014-15 was US$ 1.13 billion of which ODA contribution was US$ 1.02 billion (90 percent) and INGOs contribution was US$ 166.8 million (10 percent). Aid disbursement in the previous fiscal year was US$ 1.03 billion. Excluding the INGO contribution, the share of bilateral and multilateral development partners remained 55 percent and 45 percent respectively. The World Bank was the largest multilateral donor followed by Asian Development Bank, EU, UN Agencies and Global Fund. Similarly, UK was the largest bilateral donor followed by USA, Japan, China and Switzerland making disbursement in 2014-15. Of the total ODA disbursement, 58 percent was grant, 24 percent loan and 18 percent mobilized as technical assistance. Grants continued to dominate the total ODA disbursement in FY 2014-15. Out of the total ODA grant disbursed in FY 2014-15, The UK disbursed the largest amount of grant (US$ 140.88 million) followed by USAID (US$ 72.12 million), the World Bank Group (US$ 70.74 million) and ADB (US$ 52.02 million). The report also revealed that the top five multilateral development partners contributed approximately 43 percent where as the top bilateral development partners contributed approximately 40 percent of the total ODA disbursements in FY 2014-15. 

The World Bank Group disbursed the largest amount of loan (US 117.38 million) followed by ADB (US$ 89.95 million. The DCR revealed 65 percent of aid disbursed on-budget and 35 percent from off-budget. Social sector mobilized 44 percent of the aid followed by 29 percent mobilized in infrastructure development and 17 percent in macro-economic policy and economic development area. Health sector became the largest aid recipient followed by local development, education, road transportation and energy. The top five sectors received approximately 60 percent of the total ODA disbursements in FY 2014-15. The Report includes a separate chapter on INGO contribution for the second time. Accordingly, INGO contribution has increased over the years. The volume of aid disbursement from INGO core funding has increased from US$ 76.08 million in FY 2014-14 to US$ 116.89 million in FY 2014-15. In addition, INGOs have mobilized US$ 166.63 million disbursed through various resident DPs in Nepal. Hon. Finance Minister expressed satisfaction on the progress made toward management of aid information system during the last few years through Aid Management Platform (AMP) and emphasized the need for further enhancement of its quality. 

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