Welcome to Nepal's Aid Management Platform, hosted by the International Economic Cooperation and Coordination Division, Ministry of Finance. This site provides public access to information on all donor-funded development projects in Nepal. Find out what development partners are working on and what is being achieved, read profiles of donors and sectors, use the interactive map to see exactly where projects and programmes are located, and view in-depth reports on a wide range of aid trends. Providing public access to details on aid programmes and projects in Nepal is part of the Government's commitment to transparency, accountability and aid effectiveness. The Government itself uses AMP as an integral part of its public financial management system, with the data informing the national budget and the planning of the Medium Term Expenditure Framework.

The information you can view is entered online by both the Ministry of Finance and development partners. The Ministry enters key data for all on-budget projects, i.e. projects for which the donor funding passes through Government. Development partners enter the key data for all off-budget projects, i.e. projects for which the funding does not pass through Government. Development partners also enter planned and actual disbursement data for all projects, both on-budget and off-budget. They update the planned disbursements for each project once per year, making projections for between the next one and three years. They update the actual disbursements four times per year. Line Ministries update information about the implementation progress of all the on-budget projects that fall under their respective Ministry.

The system is used by the Government of Nepal and by development partners to ensure that aid goes to where it is most needed, that efforts are coordinated, and that projects and programmes are implemented effectively.

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